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Sound Cloud: Commercial, Ad, Spots, Adverts, Web Audio

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Deejay: Drops, Wedding Announcements, Introductions

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Webstream: CHR, Top 40, Pop
Wedding Videos: In-Car CDs
Jingle Enthusiast Mixes: Web Page Intros
DJ Voice Over: Internet Broadcasters
Name Drops: Alternative Oldies
dj mix: DJ Show Intros
Liner, Bumper: Company Phone Greeting
Presentation: Station ID, drop, jingle, sweeper
Public service announcements: dropins

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Answering Machines: Mobile Phone Ringtones
Mobile DJs: radio imaging Your Name
Graduations: Xmas sounds
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Internet Radio Station: Film Movie Trailer voiceover
English Voiceover Talent: Multi Media Voice Talent
Ad, PSA: Commercial AM FM Radio Station
Adverts and Jingles: Web Intro
Voice Drops: Commercial AM FM Radio Station
Paltalk intros: samples for dj
Religious: Christian, Country, Blues

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Mobile djs, deejays, disc jockeys: Mix Cds drop ins:

Corporate Presentation, Street Festivals/Parties, Floats, Seminars, Ego Building, Clubs, drop dj, Bars, mixshow, Pubs, Office Parties, Highly Original Gifts, In-Store Branding, iPOD Mixes, iTunes Mixes, Christmas Greetings, Cell Phone Voice Ringtones, Gaming voice overs, Voicemail Recording, Female VO Commercial, Radio Imaging, Sweepers, Promos, Message System, DJ Drops, Intros, Mix Tape Intros and Drops, Shout cast, web stream, live365, Web Promo, voice talent, Slideshow Recording, Training Manual, Event Video, News, Sports, Talk, Dance, AC, MIXTAPE DJ, Reggae, Soco.

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Radio ads, DJ drops, Music Editing! Fast, professional and affordable! Commercial Ads Spots, DJ Drops, Radio Liners voice overs for your business or personal use. Whether you need a you tube video introduction, to a business tv ad or family video voiceover, we specialize in high quality audio, professional sound with over 20 years in the business. We only use industry standard broadcast equipment, which includes a massive library of music and background effects to add to your voice over.

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Car Commercial Spot Voice Over: Corporate Voiceover Production, College and Low Power Radio, Post Audio Production, Cable TV voiceovers, Satellite Radio, dj mixing, Voicemail Greeting, Marketing, Advertising, imaging radio, Dropins

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Voice jingle: Classic Rock, CHR, Jazz, Country, Pop, Oldies

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