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Last updated: Sun, Feb 18 2018 10:12.
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Why You Need to Find the Right Voice Over Talent.

A great voice over is just as important to a commercial's success as the actual content of the ad itself. It's easy to pinpoint a bad commercial voice over when you hear one — the infamously awful infomercials on late-night television might come to mind. A good commercial voice over can be essential in successfully Facebook capturing an audience's attention. Like a good professional voice over prompt, this requires speaking clearly in a confident manner and using an engaging tone that doesn't fall flat. Dj drops intros radio liners commercial ads.

WHAT!! 3 hour delivery? YES, Everyday until 7PM Eastern Standard Time, Stephen J Voiceovers offers a 3 hour delivery turn around. What does this mean, if you order a 3 hour service at 11AM, the audio will be completed by 2PM that day, NO EXCEPTIONS. Questions, Call or TEXT anytime:

  • “ – It's Jack Frost. Outstanding job!! I appreciate that. You are now my to go voice man. Now to get the show set up. Thank you again and will be back soon. Jack F ”
  • “ – I received my DJ Drops they are great! Thank you so much . . . I will be back for some more shortly. Michael O ”
  • “ – Fantastic job as always! Michael D ”
  • “ – Thanks SJ!! Sounds great!!! You're awesome Emmett M ”

“ – Man I love the love request drop! Thank you so much man. Kenny B ”

“ – Thank you so much for the fast response, I just listened to the drop and I Love It. Once again Thank You. Rick T”

Stephen Lawrence

Free dj drops
“Everything is great thanks. A pleasure doing business with you. ”

Andrew M

Free dj drops
“Stephen, I just listened to the drops and they were absolutely amazing! I’m glad you were the first option I chose. I will definitely be doing business again with you and refer others to you! Thank you!”

Selina M

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